The recent campus policy curtailing research activities for most if not all of the Spring quarter has raised many questions about the nature of undergraduate research and 199 courses during this time.  Please be aware that the Biomedical Research Minor will continue to offer Biomedical Research 199 for the Spring quarter.

Student projects for the quarter will need to encompass activities that can be done remotely.  There are several options that students and their faculty mentors can consider.  Potential projects for students include:

  • conducting a literature review to expand their knowledge base for their project;
  • doing computational work for their project (e.g. data analysis, statistical analysis, bioinformatics, etc.);
  • enhancing their bioinformatic and computational skills by enrolling in one or more workshops or tutorials at the UCLA Collaboratory (;
  • writing a review article (in their field of research) for the Undergraduate Science Journal or a similar forum;
  • for graduating seniors – working on their senior thesis for the Minor.

We encourage students to consult with their faculty mentor to determine the best plan for their 199.  The Undergraduate Research Center -Sciences has compiled a list of resources to support remote projects (

Students or faculty can also consult with our office (Dr. Ira Clark – if they have any questions about remote 199 projects.