Requirements for the Minor in Biomedical Research

Check the course catalog for more course descriptions.

  1. BR 5HB – Biomedical Research: Essential Skills and Concepts (4 units)
  2. 4 quarters (totaling 16 units) of letter-graded laboratory research (e.g. 198 or 199 course).  You must participate in at least one conference or poster session (e.g. Science Poster Day) where you present your research.  In addition, you must submit a thesis at the end of your research.
  3. BR 193H – journal club seminar (2 units)
  4. BR 194H – research presentations seminar (2 units)
    (Note: HHURP, MARC, UCLEADS students can substitute equivalent seminar courses for BR 193H and BR 194H)
  5. MCDB 60 – Biomedical Ethics: Historical Origins and Contemporary Outcomes
  6. One upper division course in history of science or philosophy of science. Choose from:
  • History 179A. History of Medicine: Historic Roots of Healing Arts. (4 units)
  • History 179B. History of Medicine: Foundations of Modern Medicine. (4 units)
  • History 180A. Topics in History of Science. (4 units)
  • Neurobiology M168. Ideas and Experiments in History of Physiology. (4 units)
  • Neurobiology M169. History of Neurosciences. (4 units)
  • Philosophy 124. Philosophy of Science: Historical. (4 units)
  • Philosophy 125. Philosophy of Science: Contemporary. (4 units)
  • Philosophy 137. Philosophy of Biology. (4 units)
    (Other courses may be approved on petition; please contact the SAO to inquire about specific courses.)


Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 and a grade of at least 3.0 (B) in all courses for the Minor.  Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the program.