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home-page-imageIndependent research is one of the most exciting educational experiences you can have at college. The Minor in Biomedical Research is designed to help you get involved in laboratory research as early as possible.

After you enroll, our faculty help to place you into the laboratory of one of the many participating faculty from the College, School of Medicine or School of Engineering, where you conduct at least four quarters of research, culminating in a senior thesis. You must also complete five courses from an interdisciplinary curriculum that focuses on skills necessary for success in research as well as the interface of science with policy, ethics, history and philosophy.

Entry into the Minor is competitive; you must submit an application no later than the end of the first quarter of your third year. Before applying to the Minor, you must take an introductory course.

The Minor in Biomedical Research is a free-standing minor, not associated with any one department – students from any major are eligible to apply. Outside of the introductory course, there is no prerequisite. Freshmen are encouraged to apply!


New publication from Biomedical Research 10H includes 276 student authors!